I'm Daan Debie, a Technology Strategist and leader with a strong and long Software & Data Engineering background and a strong believe in the power of Open Source. I live in The Netherlands and currently work as Director Engineering & Architecture for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. I have extensive experience developing complex systems and compelling products. I provide technological leadership for teams and organisations on a journey towards operational excellence by helping them achieve technological excellence. On top of my experience as a Software craftsman, I'm also an expert in data engineering & distributed computing, containerization (Docker, Kubernetes et al.) and programmable infrastructure. My languages of choice are Scala, Python and Clojure and I'm fluent in Java as well. But I believe in using the right tool for the job and encourage my teams to keep exploring new languages and tools to bring their products to the next level.

See GitHub for some of my side-projects.

I live in Zandvoort with my lovely wife and a Maine Coon.

Feel free to approach me if you need my skills!

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